Speciality Drinks

Thai Tea

Thai Tea It’s one of those decant “dessert” drinks that helps soothe the burn when we overload on too much spice, makes you feel like you are in Thailand, the sugary aroma of sensational flavor, Delicious iced tea that’s perfectly sweet and smooth, a drink you can enjoy all day.

Ordering this refreshing drink goes hand in hand with all the spicy and delicious entrees we order, what better combination for your scorching spice than a cooling sip of milky sweet tea?

Green Thai Tea

The taste is much fruitier and floral compared to a normal Thai tea! Drink this as a folk remedy or enjoy it as a part of your regular diet. Thanks to its caffeine content, it can give an energy boost similar to drinking a cup of coffee. It also contains important antioxidants. There are several potential health benefits to drinking Thai Tea.


A traditional Mexican drink made up of white rice soaked in water, it’s flavored with cinnamon and it’s sweetened with sugar. Everything is minced together in a blender and later strained to remove solids. Some versions are dairy-free while others contain milk, and some versions contain nuts or added flavors like vanilla or coconut.

This drink adds a refreshing touch to any meal. smooth and rich, and has just the right amount of sweetness.


Frozen mango treats with an infusion of bold flavors – it’s a sweet, tangy, spicy, & delicious addition to sweet and savory foods! It’s Mexico’s favorite treat and you’ll love it too!

There’s nothing better to enjoy on warm days than a Mangonada. The sweetness of the mango, the spicy kick you get from the chamoy and a little tart from the lime juice make for a fun & exotic treat.

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