Lunch Tacos

A taco is a feista in your mouth, At LSM we make our tacos with magical ingredients that will sprout your day.

Our meat are marinated in the best desirable ingredients that no one can offer.

Some are paired with spices while others have veggies that are so fresh it taste like we got it straight from the farms.

A tacos filling is what makes or breaks the meal, we have so many delicious combinations paired to satisfy any craving.

The sauces and garnishes are just the cherry on top of your meal making your mouth watering.

Try our wide range of Lunch Tacos:

Fajita Beef | Fajita Chicken | Lone Star Taco | Carne Asada | Hawaii Asada | Fried Baja Shrimp | Cilantro Salad | Sweet Corn Salad | Zucchini Taco.

*Our Food And Drinks Is Served All Day