Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Are you Looking for a fresh fruit smoothie? we have got a whole list for you, with delicious flavors that are unimaginable from strawberries to a uniquely refreshing mango.

We have a lot of exotic extraordinary flavors we have blended to make the perfect refresher for your day (mango blueberry, strawberry banana).

So, you’ve just woken up, you need to work out, but you’re also kinda hungry—this is the perfect way to get all of your nutrition with a fresh fruit smoothie! If you add protein powder, they are just filling enough to keep you satiated for a few hours but not too heavy that you’ll need a nap after breakfast. Eating your fruits and veggies tastes way better blended anyway so whether you like berry smoothie, or a strawberry milkshake, or our stress relievers like lettuce, cucumbers, we’ve got a smoothie you’ll love.


MANGO BERRY: Mango / Strawberries / Coconut Powder 
STRAWBERRY JAM: Strawberries / Plain Yogurt 
IMMUNE BUILDER: Blueberries / Strawberries / Coconut
STRESS RELIEF: Green Apple / Celery/ Cucumber / Lime 
EXTRAS -SO EACH: Tapioca / Mango Bursting Bobo / Strawberry Bursting Bobo / Jelly Lychee / Jelly Passion Fruit

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