Boba Smoothies

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s. It most commonly consists of tea accompanied by chewy tapioca balls.

Bubble tea or boba is the latest trendy beverage to take the world by storm. Everyone is loving it.

Bubble tea is a concoction between black tea, milk, ice, and chewy tapioca pearls. If by some stroke of bad luck you have never had or heard of it, this brilliant beverage is an Asian twist on the traditional drink.

The best part is you can enjoy it as warm or iced according to your preferences.

There’s something about the combination of sweet teas and deliciously chewy tapioca balls that we find totally irresistible.

Our boba smoothies will transport you straight to the beach. It’s tropical, sweet, tart, and refreshing. Just whip frozen fruits chunks, water, and condensed milk in a blender and pour over chewy boba pearls! Omit the boba pearls for a kid-friendly drink and dessert all in one!

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