Boba Fruit Teas

We make our Boba balls and brew our tea fresh using the best tea leaves and ingredients in town. We also have Boba pearls and Leychee. A fruit flavored pearl that explodes in your mouth and gives you a burst of fruity goodness.

So come on over, enjoy a glass of our chilled, refreshing, fruit-based bubble tea, Great in taste, rich in antioxidants, and an exciting alternative to conventional drinks!

Making bubble tea is a true science! we strive to bring you the perfect blend of BOBA to quench your thirst and make drinking tea and juices so much more adventurous! 

There’s something about the combination of fruit teas & Boba, that adds a sensation of flavor in your mouth that we find irresistible. We have Something fun and fruity for all ages.

Try our wide range of Boba Fruit Teas:

Mango Green | Peach Green | Peach Mango Green | Passion fruit Green | Mango Oolong | Peach Oolong | Peach Mango Oolong | Passion fruit Oolong.

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